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Horse-Drawn Carriage Carrying Casket Gets In Major Accident During Procession

No one knows how it happened or what might have caused the accident, but two people suffered minor injuries after a horse-drawn carriage tipped over in Pasadena, California. The accident took place in broad daylight during a funeral procession, and some reports state the casket was thrown from the carriage during the incident.

According to an eyewitness, he had no idea what caused the horse to get scared, but that’s when the accident took place. “When I arrived at the intersection the horse was going in circles. At first, I thought they were doing it on purpose and … two men were blocking traffic for it. Then I realized the horse was out of control,” the man shared. “At some point, the carriage ran over the motorcycle and was dragging it.”

When the carriage tipped, the poor horse wound up on his side against the pavement and tangled in his harness. A local man had to cut the horse free from his situation using bolt cutters. The horse did not appear to be injured, but those on the scene say he was going to be examined by a veterinarian. No one suffered any major injuries, and firefighters were on the scene to assist.

Luckily, no other vehicles were involved and those who were injured sought treatment at a local hospital. Final reports on the casket including eyewitness photographs are that the casket remained in the carriage.

H/T: Pasadena Now

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