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Nobody Wanted “Undesirable” Dog, So She Spent 7 Long Years In A Lonely Shelter

For a dog named “Baby Girl”, finding a forever home always seemed like a distant dream. It was 7 years ago when she was first brought to the Winnie Berry Humane Society in Angelina County. But months turned to years and no one ever considered talking a chance on this sweet pooch.

The shelter’s policy was to give a dog a maximum of 6 months to find a forever home. But the workers couldn’t bring themselves to give up on Baby Girl, who was one of the brightest souls in the shelter. But 7 long years went by, and the “undesirable” 11-year-old became the longest resident of the shelter. She was miserable and badly yearned for a family – and it was a pretty tragic sight for her caretakers.

The frustrated workers launched a massive community effort to find a home for Baby Girl. They shared her heartbreaking story on social media, while the community’s animal lovers actively spread the word about her plight. That’s how Baby Girl eventually caught the eyes of Texas couple Monica and Mark Deaton.

The Deatons were mesmerized by Baby Girl’s kind eyes and gentle manners, and she instantly reminded them of their 17-year-old dog who had passed away a while back. They came forward to adopt her soon after, and it was nothing less than a miracle for Baby Girl!

Baby Girl couldn’t believe her luck when she finally walked into a home that was her own! She happily mingled with her 3 doggie siblings and curled up to her humans with a sense of peace and gratitude. After spending most of her life in a lonely kennel, we’re so glad she gets to spend her twilight years in bliss!

Click the video below to watch how the local media stepped in to help find Baby Girl a forever home.

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