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Researchers say this is the ‘breakthrough’ cure for COVID-19 patients

Researchers from Ichilov Hospital have claimed that a COVID-19 cure has been found, and this is the ‘huge breakthrough drug’.

Medical experts from Tel Avivv believe they have found a cure for a COVID-19 infection, as trial results for a drug called EXO-CD24 show promising results.

The medical experts administered the EXO-CD24 drug to 30 coronavirus patients and found that 29 out of the 30 patients fully recovered from their infection.

The drug has been developed by Professor Nadir Arber from the Integrated Cancer Prevention Center at the Ichilov Hospital. Professor Arber claims that the drug EXO-CD24 has a success rate of 95% for treating COVID-19.

The team behind the drug has called on the Health Ministry’s Helsinki Committee to extend the patient trials for the drug so more research can be done. So, what does this drug do? Some COVID-19 patients die from an overreaction of the immune system, something that is called a cytokine storm.

EXO-CD24 prevents the cytokine storm from happening, which in turn saves the life of the patient. Professor Arber describes this accomplishment as a “huge breakthrough”.

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