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New research links COVID-19 infections with developing diabetes

New research has warned doctors about being on the lookout for severe COVID-19 infections leading to an onset of diabetes.

New COVID-19 research is indicating that there is a link between severe COVID-19 infections and the development of diabetes in patients.

Doctors have been warned by AdventHealth to be mindful of COVID-19 patients developing substantial blood sugar problems.

Dr. Aftab Khan says he has observed several COVID-19 patients as young as 40-years-old develop pneumonia from a COVID-19 infection and then end up developing Type 1 diabetes. Here’s what Dr. Khan said, “Research has shown that 14% of the patient who develop severe COVID infection had new onset of diabetes.”

The reason why COVID-19 patients are developing diabetes is because the COVID-19 virus attacks the pancreatic beta cells. Dr. Khan describes this as a “dual-edged sword” and “The people who had diabetes, they ended up with severe infection.

And people who did not have diabetes, they ended up having diabetes after the severe COVID infection.” Dr. Khan recommends anyone who has been hospitalized from COVID-19 should get a full check for diabetes.

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