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14-Year-Old Found in Marine’s Barracks: Marine Claims Meeting via Tinder

Camp Pendleton
Photo: usatoday / military

Private First Class Avery L. Rosario, a Marine stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, is facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl discovered in his quarters. His defense argues that their interaction began on Tinder, where she presented herself as a 21-year-old.

On June 28, the minor was located in Rosario’s barracks at Camp Pendleton, only a short distance from Oceanside. This happened roughly a fortnight after her grandmother informed the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department about her disappearance.

The girl’s Tinder profile reportedly declared her age as 21, and she initiated the conversation, later moving their chat to Instagram, Rosario’s legal team posits.

Captain Charles Palmer, affiliated with the 1st Marine Logistics Group, stated, “Military prosecutors have charged Rosario on counts of minor sexual assault and a violation related to a separate past case. Post the preliminary hearing, an assessment of the charges and evidence will decide if a court-martial trial is warranted.”

Evidence likely to be presented in the upcoming trial consists of the teen’s Tinder and Instagram interactions, along with text message screenshots involving Rosario, as covered by NBC.

The defense outlined that the pair began conversing on June 26 and asserted that the girl proposed renting a hotel room. Instead, Rosario transported her to his barracks, where the alleged sexual encounter took place.

By the subsequent morning, Rosario departed for a party, leaving her in the barracks. Two individuals, including a lance corporal, spotted her there. Upon being interrogated, the girl conceded to falsifying her age on her social media. Her profile allegedly stated, “I might appear young, but I’ll look youthful when I’m 30.”

The defense highlighted that Rosario inquired about her age, with her responding that she was 22.

Moreover, the girl alluded to being a victim of a trafficker named Hector, but Rosario’s attorneys argue that he had no connection to such activities.

During a discussion with officials, the girl seemed to suggest that she intended to be discovered at the military base, considering it a safe haven.

Her grandmother had previously reported her missing on June 13 after she had fled from her residence. She had a history of running away, albeit for short durations.

Following the discovery, she was returned to her grandmother’s care, as confirmed by the sheriff’s department.

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