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The New Style Statements in Swimsuits

the new style statements in swimsuits

the new style statements in swimsuitsIn the scorching heat of this season, everybody is eager to hit the beach. But the most important decision that goes with soaking up in the sun is not the SPF in your lotion, but the swimsuit you’ll be wearing. The latest swimsuit trends have a lot to offer to a multitude of people.

Focusing on the ‘in’ styles that this year has to offer, we help you choose the piece of swimsuit that is in line with the latest fashion trends. For starters, the most basic and famous of them all is the string bikini which never goes out of style. They are effortless, sexy and cool. But while adorning them; be ready to show quite a bit of skin because that is what string bikinis are all about; sex appeal and that is exactly why they never go out of fashion.

The next big thing in latest swimsuit trend is the ruffled bikini or swimsuit. Ruffles are in line with the vintage clothing and can be mixed and matched with a plain bottom or an equally ruffled bottom. Ruffles can be used as a subtle accent to a one-piece swimsuit or bikini, or it can be combined with crochets.

Then there is the ever famous crochet swimwear which brings back the 70’s fashion. This is the perfect swimsuit to adorn if you have some flaws in your body which you’d like to hide, while showing your body off and at the same time, its intricate wide stretch catches the eye of the on-looker and draws him/her in. moreover, the best thing about crochet swimwear is that it can be adorned with a pair of denims or a loose knee length skirt for those resort afternoons.

The latest trend in one-shoulder swimsuit is quite the opposite of what it had last year. While last year it was all about a thin colored strap of the same color as the bikini, this summer its all abut mix and match where the strap is in a different color from the bikini and is also thick rather than being thin.

Last but definitely not least; this swimsuit trend is for those who believe in extreme level of sexiness. Statement strapping, in itself, has a huge variety to offer. They can be found in wide statement strapping on vintage cut briefs, or can be embellished as a shoulder detail on a one colored swimsuit.

There really is no time like the summer to flaunt that smoldering sexy body of yours and the radiantly glowing tans. So adorn the perfect swimsuit, and you are in for the summer of your life. Also read here Lingerie Accessories, Nothing can substitute your natural beauty.

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