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Adding Luxury to your Bathroom

adding luxury to your bathroom

adding luxury to your bathroomSince your spend at least twenty percent of your every day time doing some profound chore or the other in the bathroom, over the course of your life your bathroom is in fact a haven for most of your conspicuous activities. In such situations I personally like to make sure that every visit I make to the bathroom is a comfortable, peaceful and new experience every time.

Luxury bathrooms serve to assist you in every need that may occur as part of your toilet experience and to serve and even better precisely assist you in such situations. Luxury bathrooms today are equipped with toilet seat warmers to toilets that will test the contents of your urine and serve a pathology report.

Luxury bathrooms are a sketch book for an artist with a black page and creativity for a pencil. From the very basic commodities such as the faucets and taps from being elegantly expensive and fancy to being highly modernized and tech savvy, luxury bathrooms can serve you with the experience of a life time.

Start with the major additions of brining in a Jacuzzi and maybe even a sauna bath. A towel warmer, an automatic soap dispenser, your heated slippers, an extravagant collection of expensive cosmetics and even automatically dispensed toilet paper can all be part of your luxury bathroom.

Add an ash tray, a small library or a book shelf next to the pot and for all those potty maniacs, equip your bathroom with an LCD display television and equip it with wireless internet to enhance and make your bathroom experience even more luxurious.

While many mistake luxury for being more expensive, make your bathroom experience exclusive and personal. Add a few scented candles, put up a few pictures or posters that might make new comers laugh and feel welcomed.

Lastly, but ever most importantly, you must essentially include a beautiful view through a giant glass window as a cherry on the icing of your luxury bathroom. With that there, nothing I believe can deter the course of your luxury bathroom experience from being anything but fabulous. Also read hereĀ Kitchen Curtain Ideas.

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