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Female Fashion Trends 2011


female-fashion-trends-2011They say women change their clothes faster than men change their minds, but it’s not really women’s choice, it’s the fashion trends that change faster than anything else.

With Year 2011 in addition to new resolutions, come new fashion trends. The colors have changed and so have the cuts and accessories .The browns and grays are the new pink and black. 2011 is the era of dark and mysterious colors that make you unique and very wanted.

The eastern attire is back in demand with the arrival of summers and the nearing end of winters, the long sophisticated shirts with their flowy cuts gives an alluring look of summer breeze.

The floral prints are back in to give you a chick look for the summer, since it won’t be a scarf and muffler season for long, people will switch to silk scarves around their necks to have a fresh new look.

The wide trousers style of seventies is back again and blooming actually! With long eye liners and puffed up hairstyle keeping pace with the changing fashion .The button bangles and the floral headbands are new items this season. The flowing smocks as usual stay on the top of wish list of girls preferring the western look, or much better go for a bit longer smocks with skinny jeans or tights to give a more appealing and up to date look.

Lace everything up to give yourself an open and smooth look , a little lace here and a little lace there , just don’t become a walking curtain and everything will work well and avoid the shiny ribbons please for the sake of your own attractiveness .

The ballet shoes move out to make way for the more comfortable gladiators and high boots that are so in demand and in fashion too that they are actually short in market .The same goes for the beaded sandals which totally give you a scandalized look and are a fashion disaster

And its time people please let go of smoky eyes in the mornings, I mean the vampire craze is over! So please go for lighter shades and fresh look .The matching clothes is no more required, go with the flow and contrast well. Make sure you follow the fashion rules of 2011 !

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