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Chocolate: A Healthy Indulgence!

chocolate a healthy indulgence

chocolate a healthy indulgenceYou’ve got to admit, chocolate makes life much easier. For every chocoholic out there, the solution to every problem lies in chocolate. It makes life worthwhile, and lightens your soul. Kudos to all those chocolate lovers who indulge themselves in this delight regardless of any derivatives, but here’s some ecstatic news for all the health freaks that simply can’t do without chocolate too. Here’s some news for chocolate lovers; it may be good for you.

Dark chocolate is good for your heart. A small bar of dark chocolate everyday keeps your heart and cardiovascular system running well.  Chocolate consumption lowers blood pressure, helps prevent formation of artery plaques and improves blood flow, thus preventing heart attack. Individuals with high blood pressure can advantage immensely by having dark chocolate everyday because it helps in reducing and maintaining lower blood pressure. Moreover, dark chocolate has also been shown to reduce the LDL cholesterol by up to 10 percent, which can otherwise be harmful for your health.

Apart from the obvious and palpable function of chocolate tasting good; it serves some other health benefits too which are favorable for your health. Dark chocolate stimulates endorphin production which gives a feeling of pleasure. Moreover, it acts as an anti-depressant too because it contains serotonin and consists of other stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine.

Another thing that you might not know about chocolate is that it helps reduce the danger of cancer. Since chocolate comprises of antioxidant flavonoids, it helps reduce the cell damage that can impel tumor growth.  Flavonoids also increase blood flow to the brain which helps you in being active and vigilant.

All the fat in the chocolate isn’t bad either. Some fats don’t affect your cholesterol such as oleic acid and stearic acid. Only palmitic acid is saturated fat, one which raises cholesterol and heart disease risk. Therefore, only 1/3rd of the fat in the chocolate is bad for you.

On a lighter note, chocolate is made form cocoa, cocoa is made from beans, and we all know beans are vegetables, so chocolates count as vegetables! So fall in chocolate, indulge and live everyday to your best.

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