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10 Must Have Fashion Accessories for Women

Fashion Accessories for Women

Top 10 Accessories for Women

Fashion Accessories are the most important article for a woman’s wardrobe. Without accessories an ensemble or getup is not complete, so every woman must have a reasonable proportion of following accessories available with her all the time.

1. Bags:

Bags are the most important thing a woman should have as an accessory because it is a thing in which she carries all her other accessories, so it is important to keep in view that your bag is pretty to show off and also very much functional according to occasion.

  • Clutches:- Clutches are very pretty small purses which are usually carried on a formal occasion, a woman must always have a variety of 2-3 different colored or embellished clutches to carry on.
  • Tote/Office bags/Casual Bags:- A woman must always keep a reasonable quantity of variety of bags such as for office, shopping and especially totes when you are on a weekend holiday or something. But don’t forget whatever you buy it should compliment your mood and personality.

2. Wallet:

A woman must always take care of her money which eventually she has to spend on shopping so to keep safe your credit cards and cash you must have a chic wallet with you, it also can help putting bills in. Try some leather one’s available in the market.

3. Eye wear/Sunglasses:

Everything checked? Yes…Oops where are your new shades gal?  Don’t forget to put them in your sack otherwise you can be eye caught through a direct eye contact, so keep them always covering your killer eyes. Well sunglasses also help your eyes from too much light exposure, but you must never forget the original reason for having them.

4. Jewelry:

Jewelry tends to be the best fashion accessory which is closest to a woman’s heart. A woman must always have earrings, rings, charm bracelets and necklaces on her dressing table. Which she can wear as quickly as she can. A woman must have a collection of jewelry ranging from precious to semi precious jewelry for formal or artificial jewelry for casual daily use.

5. Variety at heels:

A woman must have a good variety of shoes in her wardrobe according every occasion she can attend for example she must have some relaxant ones like trainers, running shoes and canvas shoes to relax sometimes. But a woman must never forget to keep boots & shoes, hi-tops/stiletto to have some showoff in parties and outdoor events. Yeah! And never forget to add some pairs of flip-flops & sandals for some fashioned vacation hula hoop.

6. Clothing accessories:

  • Belts:- Keep a classy range of thin, thick, wide leather and chain belts with you.
  • Tie:- A woman must always have accessories for her androgynous look which she can carry at office or some party, for that she must a have 2-3 ties with polka dots or stripes on it.
  • Scarf:- You must collect some good scarves and shawls in pure blends like cashmere, wool for winters and cottony or hand woven one’s for summers.

7. Hair fashion accessories:

Keep a wrist full of bling Swarovski studded hair pins and hair bands in metal or in cloth to give your hairstyle a stand for a while in stylish and chic way.

8. Wrist Watch:

These days there is a lot of variety present in the markets of classy/chic to funky and chunky wrist watches, wrist watch is a very essential accessory a woman must have with her because it give you the look that how much punctual and time saving you are. So always keep 1 or 2 watches in different materials like metal or plastic with you.

9. Tech savvy Gadgets with fashion accessories:

Since its 21st century so there aren’t any doubts about the high scale use of newly upcoming electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, I-pods etc in the world. These gadgets have a special attraction for women nowadays that are not only because of women being tech savvy but accessories coming with these gadgets in the market have also been an inspiration. You can always hang a tussle with your mobile or can buy a new cover for your laptop in a different color and change it after a while.

10. Fashion accessories for a woman’s car:

A woman can always put some sequined cushions or foam pads in the car or can hang some favorite cartoon character toy and can also change the seat covers after a while according to new fashion trends of fabrics and materials available in the market.

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