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How to Make Table Runners without Sewing

Table Runners without Sewing

Make Table Runner without Sewing

It is very easy to make a table runner at home. Table runners can cost a lot when bought from the market but if prepared at home, the supplies will be very cheap and you can follow a hassle free procedure to make a table runner in less than 30 minutes. Making table runners can be very exciting. Home decors have always been fun. Here are some tips if you plan to make a table runner at home.

Material needed to make a table runner without sewing

  • Fabric: You will require a piece of cloth. You can use printed fabric, checkered or a plain one, it’s totally up to you. The length depends on the length of your table. If you are unsure, measure the length and cut the cloth accordingly. If you are still unsure, keep it longer and trim the excess if not needed. The width of the runner is ideally 15 to 16 inches. If you buy half a yard of cloth, you will get the perfect width without any additional trimming required.
  • Iron: You will need a good hot iron to straighten out your fabric. Your fabric should be of good quality and should be able to resist the highest temperature of your iron. A cheap or poor quality fabric will not hold during washing and ironing.
  • Measuring tape and scissors: Arrange your accessories. No needles and threads required since you are making table runners without sewing.
  • Fusible Wed – Fusible Tape: Easily available to be used as a bonding adhesive. Especially used in applique and making table runners.

Prepare a table runner without sewing

  • Iron your cloth and create a one inch long hem on the length side. The hem should be approximate the same size of your mending tape. If you want a thicker hem you need to fold twice. A thicker hem gives a nice, solid finish to the table runner.
  • A one inch think hem line iron on mending tape should be suitable for the hem. Heat your iron to the highest temperature and press in the entire length of the runner. Move the iron slowly while pressing hard. It usually takes 10 seconds to secure. Once done, allow it to cool and check whether the fabric is locked. If you don’t want to use that, use fabric glue. Keep a towel near by to wipe off any extra glue while folding.
  • Once you are done with one hem, glue the other side. By this time you will have the width of your table runner. If you are unsure of the width, keep measuring while ironing and do not glue until you are satisfied. This is no science, if you miss a few centimeters you are not going off track. Just enjoy what you are doing and no one will notice those millimeters and centimeters.
  • Once the length is complete, it’s time to determine the width. The best way is to place the runner on your table and decide the length you want to keep. Trim the excess and repeat the same procedure above to secure the edges of the runner.

You have now officially made your table runner without sewing. To add more creativity you can glue together a ribbon or tassels on the edges.

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