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Katie Holmes Bio

Katie Holmes BioKatie Holmes is the prettiest face on earth that mesmerizes people with just her smile, she started her career through television and later joined the big screen and eventually working on her own perfect wardrobe she jumped into fashion world, where also her work is being praised. Katie Holmes definitely is a woman of beauty, style and brains.

Birth Name Kate Noelle Holmes.
Parents Kathleen and Martin Joseph Holmes
Date of Birth 18th December, 1978.
Age 33
Height 5’ 9”

1. Personal Life of Katie Holmes:

Katie Holmes was born in Toledo, Ohio USA. Katie is the youngest one having four siblings. Katie Holmes did her graduation from Notre Dame Academy having distinctions, since her academic period she has been working in school skits and dramas. She also qualified entry examination for Columbia University scoring high marks in it. Her father’s dream was to make her a doctor.

2. Katie Holmes as Host:

Katie Holmes hosted Saturday Night Live in 2001.

3. Katie Holmes as Model:

Katie Holmes was only 14 when she started taking proper classes for modeling in a local school for the purpose in Toledo, which was being run by Margaret O’Brien. Margaret took her to the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) from where her graph never stopped. Katie Holmes lent her face for MIU MIU for its high end fashion line in spring 2009. She has modeled for Garnier Lumia Hair color, Coach Leather goods and has also been part of The Gap advertisements.

She has also been face of Ann Taylor in 2011, Katie Holmes is working on her advertisement for Bobbi Brown in 2013.

4. Katie Holmes as  Actress:

When she came to Los Angeles in 1997 she was Katie Holmes debuted through Television teen drama Dawson’s Creek. She did her first lead role as Leigh Ann in Teaching Mr. Tingle in 1999. She did her big role as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins opposite Christian Bale. She has also acted in The Ice storm and The First Daughter.

Katie Holmes also starred as Jackie Kennedy in a TV miniseries The Kennedys in 2011. She also starred opposite Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill 2011.

5. Katie Holmes as Fashion Designer:

In 2008 Katie Holmes started her own fashion line naming it Holmes and Yang under partnership with Jeanne Yang. Holmes and Yang for the first time showed at New York fashion week 2012 with its collection which included bomber jackets, jumpsuits, shorts with some girly stuff to androgyny, overall the collection grabbed a lot of praise and attention, and we wish her best of luck for future also!!!

6. Awards and Media about Katie Holmes:

Katie Holmes was awarded Face of the Future by MAX MARA Women in Film, besides many other nominations for her works.

Katie Holmes was often referred to as “The Audrey Hepburn of her generation”. “Impossibly Lovely” said by Times and even “The new York Times Magazine” commented everyone is now looking to work with a “Katie Holmes Type” one.

Media has been very friendly with Katie Holmes in terms of acclamations of her natural beauty and her style, for which she has been several times included in different lists of beautiful and stylish people.

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