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Prince William, Kate figures horrify at ‘worst’ wax museum: “scared me”

Kate Middleton

A Polish wax museum posted astonishingly bad facsimiles of Prince William and Kate Middleton online and users are comparing Prince William to “Hugh Grant after 20 Jagerbombs”. While the figures have been available for some time, they were recently made public through a TikTok showcase with over 13.5 million views. “Come with me to the worst wax museum in Poland,” invites influencer Becka Blackburn in the clip.

For the uninitiated, the Krakow Wax Museum which boasts a measly 2.5 stars out of 5 on TripAdvisor has become an international laughingstock for its shady celebrity wax figures that look nothing like their subjects. The video features a cockeyed Donald Trump, a jaundiced Jack Sparrow, and a David Guetta who resembles the DJ and producer’s Cro-Magnon ancestor.

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None, however, can compete with the infamous doppelgängers of Prince William, 40, and his wife, Kate, 41, who were ripped in Prince Harry‘s tell-all memoir “Spare”, according to the Nypost.

Their unflattering wax “look-a-likes” show Middleton with an unusually big forehead and brown hair. While her other half was dressed in the requisite red ceremonial uniform, his face was far from that of the real Duke of Cambridge.

The figures have been highly criticized online, with one TripAdvisor reviewer calling Middleton’s model “disheveled.” “Prince William scared me with his smile,” commented one aghast TikTok gawker about her spouse.

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“He looks as if he has an itch he can’t scratch,” mocked one commenter. Others joked that the sculptors at the Krakow Wax Museum carved their celebrity figures from memory, while others referred to it as the “Wish.com” discount version of Madame Tussaud’s in London.

Because the museum’s statues were so creepy, one visitor claimed to have seen a child crying. The exhibition is so “bad that you HAVE to visit,” one TripAdvisor reviewer said. “Waxworks look nothing like the people,” they wrote. “SpongeBob has only 1 hand, Harry Potter and co are just shop dummies with hats.”

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They also made comments on other depictions. “Mr. Bean looks like he’s been hit by a bus…. And worst of all….. in Krakow…. In Poland… they thought it was a good idea to have a waxwork of Adolf Hitler!” they vented. “It’s terrible…. GO!!!”


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