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Prince William Heartbreak: Duke Allegedly Drinking Pain Away, Worrying Kate Middleton

Prince William is, reportedly, feeling so much pressure after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit their royal roles that he is, allegedly, drinking the pain away as a coping mechanism.

According to a cover story on In Touch, the Duke of Cambridge has turned to drinking to deal with the added responsibilities. William is also dealing with anger and pain, alongside his anxieties

As a result, Kate has, allegedly, been extremely worried for his husband’s health and well-being that she, too, lost a solid 97 pounds. However, the report also stated that the Duchess of Cambridge is not giving up on her husband, who will be sitting on the throne as the King of the United Kingdom one day.

However, Gossip Cop said that there is no truth to the story from In Touch, which has been using old photos of the Duke of Cambridge from a social party where the guests had wine. There is no strong proof that William has developed a risky vice with alcohol.

Kate has also not been losing weight despite what the tabloid has reported. The Duchess of Cambridge’s perennially thin figure has always been criticized in the tabloids but she is a healthy mom who regularly exercises.

Gossip Cop also debunked a similar story about Prince William’s drinking, which ran on the National Enquirer in early 2021. It stated that William has been drinking a few beers a day and it’s affecting his job. But the Duke of Cambridge has been back to his in-person royal engagements after the lockdowns. He visited the vaccine center in Norfolk and talked to the people lining up to get their jab.

The tabloid further made allegations that William’s drinking has made him unable to supported Kate during their homeschooling sessions with their children. A friend said that the habit has been causing problems in the Cambridge marriage.

But during one online session with homeschooling parents, Kate said that the one person she could always rely on during this unusual pandemic period has been her husband. The Duchess of Cambridge didn’t hesitate to write the name “William” when she was asked about her greatest support in this pandemic.

Kate and William are also celebrating 10 years of marriage this year. The couple have been together longer than that though as they have dated for nearly 10 years as well, before they got married in 2011.

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