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Steve Harvey Envisions a Face-off Between the Trumps and Obamas on ‘Family Feud

Steve Harvey
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The immensely popular game show “Celebrity Family Feud” has made a captivating twist to the traditional format by featuring famous families or groups of connected celebrities, such as television show cast members, as contestants. Hosting this star-studded spectacle since 2010 is the acclaimed comedian, TV judge, and host, Steve Harvey.

In recent years, Harvey has expressed a strong desire to see two iconic political families face off on the show: the Trumps and the Obamas. In a 2019 interview with People magazine, Harvey candidly revealed his dream matchup, stating, “Man, I want the Trumps against the Obamas at the same time.”

While he refrained from speculating on the potential winner of such a showdown, Harvey did offer a lighthearted remark, saying, “Well, we know who would be crazy on the Trumps’ side.” He chuckled and concluded, “But that is just my dream: The Trumps versus the Obamas.”

It’s worth noting that despite any personal reservations stemming from his 2017 meeting with Donald Trump, Harvey continued to muse about the prospect of the Trumps and the Obamas participating in his show. Following that contentious meeting, Harvey was questioned about hosting the then-president and his family on “Family Feud,” given Trump’s apparent affection for the program.

Harvey responded with amusement, “The Trumps being on ‘Family Feud’? Against the Obamas? That’d be good. Or how about the Clintons?” He added optimistically, “If I could set it up, it would be skyrocketing for the ratings.” Interestingly, a few months before this discussion, “Saturday Night Live” had aired a sketch titled “Celebrity Family Feud: Political Edition.” (via The Hill). 

In this comical segment, Kenan Thompson portrayed Harvey, while other actors and special guests assumed the roles of Trump’s allies on Team Trump and Hillary Clinton’s allies on Team Clinton. Although the anticipated Trump family vs. Obama family showdown on “Celebrity Family Feud” has yet to materialize, Donald Trump made an appearance in a 2018 episode, albeit in a humorous context.

In a match between the Kardashian-Jenner family and the West family, Harvey posed a playful question: “If you’re at a wild party, and everyone is naked, name someone you’d hate to see show up.” Kendall Jenner responded with “Donald Trump,” triggering uproarious laughter from Harvey, the contestants, and the audience. Her answer earned her team a significant number of points, as “A celeb” topped the list of responses.

While the epic battle between the Trumps and the Obamas on “Celebrity Family Feud” remains a tantalizing possibility, former President Barack Obama once shared valuable wisdom with Steve Harvey during a 2013 interview.

He emphasized the importance of not taking oneself too seriously and the necessity of being able to laugh at oneself. Perhaps this insight hints at a willingness to embrace a game show appearance. Should such a competition transpire, it would undoubtedly be a thrilling spectacle, with both Trump and Obama vying for supremacy. The ultimate victor, however, remains a mystery until the momentous event unfolds.

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