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Royal expert believes Meghan and Harry did not predict ‘The Crown’ row before Netflix deal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were slammed for striking a deal with streaming giant Netflix after they signed a multi-million deal.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were called out for benefitting off a company that practically caused humiliation to the royal family.

However, royal expert Penny Junor believes Meghan and Harry did not know that The Crown’s depiction of the monarchy will cause such mayhem.

 “I think unhappily, it is very difficult to square up being a member of the royal family with commercial activity because there are bear traps everywhere,” Junor said.

“I’m sure it never crossed Harry and Meghan’s minds about The Crown, possibly being negative or damaging when they got their wonderful contract from Netflix.

“But the problem is that they left those gold standard advisers when they left Buckingham Palace, when they turned their back on the help that they were getting,” she added.

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