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Wendy Williams’ brother slams her new inner circle and claims ailing host is ‘out there with the sharks

The struggling host’s brother has criticized Wendy Williams’ new group and said that she is “out there with the sharks.”

Tommy Williams spoke exclusively to The U.S. Sun on video about his thoughts on Wendy’s mental health and his feelings toward his famous sister’s friends after some of them accompanied the celebrity on a vacation to Florida earlier this month.

Her 54-year-old brother said that she was preoccupied with who she was rather than who she had become. “She’s so caught up in who she was and not who she’s become, and apparently she’d like to get back to who she was because she can’t stop talking about that person,” he added.

“So let’s all assist you to get back to that person. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to since she is up in New York City, surrounded by people, and we, the family, can’t get our hooks in her effectively to pull her into the beach.

Wendy’s irate brother said, “So she’s hanging out with the sharks. Next, Tommy focused on Wendy’s manager Will Selby, who was also in Florida to shoot Wendy’s reality program. I don’t believe Will. I was able to express what I had seen: I don’t trust.

The manager didn’t introduce himself to Wendy’s brother or their aging father, Thomas Williams Sr., during the shooting, Wendy’s brother claimed, adding that “he wasn’t a man of very many words.”

“Speak the f*** up if you’re approaching our father and putting this important puzzle piece together when Wendy has been missing for so long and your name is connected with Wendy.

“Say something, speak out! Just who are you? “I’m simply trying to keep my family secures since I’m in a position to take care of my family now that my father is getting older.

Thus, you are not required to speak with my father, Will. And it was clear that you lacked the courage to approach me and communicate with me. Tommy also remarked of Will: “He seemed a little bit timid and out of sorts, and I guess if you’re doing the wrong thing, you’re not going to feel right,” in addition to asserting that Wendy is not well enough to be recording a reality program.

I’m simply certain that he isn’t a guy. He’s gentle. He also performs the background. And that he’s taking advantage of Wendy,” the star’s watchful brother said. Wendy stayed in Florida for many days while shooting her trip with her family for her upcoming reality program.


The U.S. Sun said that Tommy earlier stated: “This is not a woman who is in the right frame of mind to get a show going.” Tommy, 54, questioned the purpose of the film crew’s presence.

“Why are you here at all? Do you see how she’s suffering? For goodness sake, does it seem like she is prepared to launch a podcast? There isn’t.

In reference to the production’s final release, Tommy added, “And we are all going to bear witness to this.” And where she was and where she is now will have shock value, right? Tommy asked while making hand gestures.

“Will that be the main event? Is that all? Is that what my father must eagerly anticipate seeing? to f***ing bury our faces in manure?” Her present state is “sad,” said Wendy’s irate brother, who also noted that she is in “poor health.”

Will, the manager of Wendy’s, responded to a request for comment by saying, “Tommy didn’t say a word to me about any frustration so that doesn’t sound true.” The request for comment was not met with a response from Wendy’s PR.

In between days of shooting, Tommy had uploaded a video to his YouTube channel about how things were going, but he said he was making an effort to remain optimistic. The U.S. Sun was the first publication to learn about the former TV host’s reality show-style initiative when she was seen with a tiny film team at her favorite midtown eatery, Fresco by Scotto.

Over the last several years, she has struggled greatly with alcohol. One person close to the celebrity said of her rehab stay that “she is fighting severe alcohol abuse combined with serious health issues.” “She has seen multiple physicians who have warned her for years that drinking alcohol will cause death. She never truly wanted to quit, and others in her immediate vicinity in New York gave her permission to do so.

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