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Prince Harry and Meghan to miss out on ‘prestigious’ Met Gala invite over Royal family drama

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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The continuous “drama” between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and the Royal Family may prevent them from receiving an invitation to this year’s Met Gala event. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex “aren’t likely to attend” the annual charity dinner, despite it being “Hollywood’s most prominent red carpet event”.

Five days before King Charles’ Coronation, the Met Gala will be held, and Harry and Meghan won’t be attending because of their conflict with the royal family, according to a PR specialist.

With their present standing within the Royal Family and the accompanying turmoil, it wouldn’t be a great surprise if they were passed over, according to Jordan James, CEO of Unlocked PR.

Jordan stated that if Meghan and Harry are successful in receiving a Met Gala invitation, it may “improve their public reputation in America”. Nonetheless, he asserted that if they do receive an invitation, they will probably decline it.

Despite their best efforts to minimize damage, they will surely be subject to inspection, especially given how near this ceremony is to the Royal Coronation, therefore they are unlikely to attend, he added.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Also, absent at this year’s Oscars were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to Jordan, who claimed that there has been a “change” in the way they are portraying themselves.

Despite the fact that the pair isn’t always renowned for keeping a low profile, he told the Express, “I think we are starting to see a difference in how they want to be portrayed. Whether this is actually by choice, though, we may never know.

The Kardashian family is reportedly no longer on the guest list for the Met Gala as Vogue editor Anna Wintour “cracks down” on who may attend, putting Harry and Meghan in danger of not being invited.

Kim Kardashian’s appearance at the Met Gala the previous year in the legendary gold dress worn by Marilyn Monroe stole the stage. The 42-year-old, along with her sisters Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie, were present at the event the previous year.

According to the insider, Anna has been “cracking down on the attendees for the annual fashion extravaganza and no Kardashians would make the cut,” according to Page Six. A Kardashian family insider then told the newspaper that this was not the case.

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