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Summer Pool and Spa

Summer Pool Spa

Summer Pool SpaHydrotherapy or swim spa is the most relaxing experience, that helps you getting back in shape, restoring your energies, keeping you work for hours without feeling fatigued, keeping your mind stress free, and leaving your muscles relaxed. To gain the benefits of swim spa, there are several pool and spa designs available to suit and fit your place, providing you with a very efficient home spa.

Artificial Current:

For optimum swim performance in the limited size and depth of your swim spa, there are several designs to produce and control artificial current. The current is powered by paddle wheel, propeller, or jet propulsion system. Different designs have different mechanisms and current controls for both the beginners and advanced swimmers.

Privacy of Being At Home:

Within the limited size range of residential pool and spas, there are several such options that can provide you with plenty of space for both the aquatic exercises and play while enjoying home spa. The benefit of residential pool and spa lies in its privacy and convenience of your own home.

Margin of Customizing Your Personal Home Spa:

One more advantage of your swim spa installed at home is the way you can customize it according to your personal needs. You can top up the basic design of your pool and spa with several add ons, providing you a variety of swim spa exercises such as lap swimming.

There are pool and spa designs containing resistance band and rowing equipment. The swim spa accessories and aids such as buoyancy belts, foam dumbbells, and webbed gloves increase your resistance and allow for more challenging exercises within your home spa. To your dream home spa, you can even add underwater treadmills, elliptical machines and bikes.

The most luxurious add on to your residential pool and spa can be a built in sound system, an iPod or MP3 player attached within your swim spa so that you remain motivated while performing your swim spa exercises and workouts.

There are several design options providing an additional feature of hot tub within your pool and spa which again is not less than a true luxury within the confined area of your home.


A swim spa can be installed inground, partially recessed, or above ground, and either indoors or outdoors. This is another advantage of residential pool and spa that you can place it where convenient. You can inculcate your swim spa within the area allocated for your home gym, or can get it installed in your sunroom.

What we recommend is to keep checks on every possible safety measures as swim spas can be dangerous for kids and even adults. Casualties or emergencies of drowning or submerging can happen if pool spa is not safe, or you are swimming without taking precautionary measures.

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