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How to Care For the Lips in the Winter

Lips Care Tips for women

So if you are amongst those handfuls of people who cannot stand a parched corner or a bleeding lower lip here are some of the essential tips you need to know to make your lips looking pink and perfect even in the winters:[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]How to Care for the Lips

1) If you are willing to start with something a little more than just the basics and have been worried about losing the natural pink tinge of your lips then what you need to do is get some rose petals for yourself. These can then be placed on the lips by forming a paste out of them. They truly add to the pinkness of the lips.

2) If you feel like your lips have gone a little too dry to be fixed with just a regular lip balm then you can mix Vaseline or some other wax with an essential oil and apply it onto your lips, the results are effective immediately.[contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png]Lips Care Tips

3) If you are amongst those who do not like to spend a lot in getting expensive products and are more likely to be inclined towards home remedies to fix dry lips then applying homemade butter on them is the best tip. It truly rids you of the cracks and the bleeding lips and can be applied on a daily basis. If butter does not seem to be doing it for you, you can always use honey and milk; another effective and positively received tip to fix and hide the cracks. Honey also has the ability to help the lips retain their natural moisture content.

4) Lastly, even applying a lip balm can be very effective if it is done so with care and not just once a month.

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