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Relationships: Friends for Life or for right now?

Save your relationships with your friends, using my key factors.

All relationships which are worth having in your life for the long haul are based on trust. Whether it’s family relationships, loving relationships or business relationships; they all require a level of trust to be successful.

Friendship is no different and if anything, the trust and time we put into our friendships is sometimes more than we put into any other relationships. Think about the following key factors when forming your relationships, if you want them to last.

Real relationships can only ever stay real when you’re honest or when you know that it’s time to shut up and keep quiet. Personal relationships thrive on friends being real with each other and when you are afraid to say the truth, or indeed hear some truths, then the friendship isn’t as real as you may think.

Relationships of all kinds should be fun! Friends should bring fun and laughter into your life, as should you into theirs. Learn to laugh in your relationships and you’ll notice that a bad day can become better instantly.

In your relationships, learn when to give your friends some space, respect their alone time and respect your friends chosen partners, even if you hate them from the core of within. In relationships, especially loving relationships, your friends may or may not be making the right choices. You should be able to openly tell your friend how you feel about their choice, but remember it is THEIR choice. No matter what, always stand by your friends, as no relationship can survive if you are not 100% committed to it.

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