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What Men Love: Top Ten Turn-ons

If you are actually in the mood to please your man and want to let him know that you are enjoying every bit of him and the experience, here are some ways.

Here are top 10 tips for all those women who want to please a guy in bed and are still not getting, rather giving the right thing.

Follow these amazing steps you will be sure to make him fall for you even more!

1) Initiate Sex:

There is nothing more pleasing to a guy when a girl initiates sex and is the first one to ask for it. Believe it or not, but even guys want girls to make the first move when it comes to what men love in sex.

2) Indulge Him In Foreplay:

Guys always love it when girls start the sex with a little foreplay. It is not always the wild gestures but also the affection that turns on the guys in the beginning.

3) Create A Comfort Zone:

When it comes to what guys like in sex, massage is a very good option. Make him get into the perfect comfort zone so that you both have the time of your life.

4) Get Dirty:

The one major thing in what men love in sex is when girls get dirty and this is what every guy prefers. Say dirty words in order to turn him on and give him the ultimate pleasure.

5) Moan, Loud:

Moaning, breathing heavily and screaming at times helps turn the guys on a lot faster and they love it. Make sexy noises as this is what men love in sex.

6) Get On Top:

Another thing for what men love in sex is that when ‘she’ is on top. But it should be kept in mind that when you are on top, feel it from within as doing nothing and being on top can be really boring for the guys.

7)    Wear Sexy Lingerie:

Sexy lingerie appeals the guys in bed and guys love it in sex so wear really sexy lingerie and take it off in front of him by showing off. This is what men love in sex.

8 ) Do Not Feel Shy:

Guys hate it when girls feel shy during sex, little shyness is liked however but going overboard with it is quite annoying for the guys. Let him take control of your body as this is what men love in sex.

9) Control Him:

It is best if you take control of his body and him. Feel every part of him as it is yours and make him feel that he is the most important.

10) Romantic Gestures:

Romantic gestures always turn the guys on. Before and after the sex, use your hands to massage him lightly on the back and chest and massage his hair. Play with your fingers in his body and kiss him as much as you can as this is what men love in sex.

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