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Your Family Relationships and You

Understand how your parent’s relationship affects your own relationships with loved ones. Family relationships teach you all about other relationships in life. Your family relationships are the foundation for how you behave and act in your romantic relationships, your dating relationships and to a certain extent business relationships. The following family relationship goes a long way to define how successful you are in maintaining relationships with friends and love interests in your life.

Your Parents

Parents play the vital and main role in all family relationships as from a young age we look to your parents for stability, understanding, communication, trust and general interaction. Firstly, your parent’s relationship with each other is a key connector to how your behaviour is in relationships with your boyfriend or husband. Look to how stable or unstable your parent’s interaction is or was and try to understand what positive or negative patterns you maybe repeating in your own relationships.

Write down a list of negative attributes your parents relationship consisted of in your own opinion, then write down a list of the same for your own current relationship. See any similarities? You may well see quite a few and now that you have identified them, at least you can start to make some changes to improve your own romantic relationships.

Secondly, how is your own relationship with your parents? As this connects to how your relationships are with your friends. Parents and children often develop friendly relationships as the children become older and mature and this in turn affects how you are with your friends. Are you angry with your friends a lot? Do you fight more than necessary? Are you able to understand your friend’s point of view when it differs from your own?

Asses your family relationships and then you will learn a lot about other relationships in your life.

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