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Build Strong Relationships With Your Friends

Friendship is the most beneficial relationship for every one of us.

One of the most important issues in a student’s life is to maintain a good relationship with his/her friends. A student who is too social or too anti-social can get into trouble. How to maintain balanced relationship with different friends? Peer relations if well maintained help in social and cognitive development. Friendship is a relation that is based on reciprocation of commitment and emotions.

Friendship is one of the most prestigious relationships that help as an emotional resource for both having fun and adapting to stress.

This relationship between friends helps in solving problems and acquisition of knowledge. Besides all the relationship friendship is the relationship that should be cherished because it helps in cooperative learning and peer modeling that helps students transfer information by imitation at early ages. Even adults take a lot of influence from their fellows and friends which is justified by the saying that,” a man is known by his company”.

Friendships also depend on the nature of the relationship, some friendships are smooth-sailing and secure whereas others are with disagreements and contentions. Both types on relationships have different effects on people. Friends who have a harsh relationship develop negative attributes in their personality. Although friendship is a relationship that does not necessarily have to be a relationship that teaches all the good attributes but it contributes more to certain adaptations, such as positive self attitudes or self-regard than to social skills broadly convinced.  Friends also help in building skills for other relationships with siblings, colleagues and romantic partners.

Mothers who have little children should take their children to some day care where their children should interact with other children, this way they learn to build relationships and skill that help build healthy relationships in their future life. Like every other relationship friendship has its good and bad sides. But most of the time if u builds strong and nice relations with your friends you will be benefited one way or the other.

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