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Save your relationship from breakup

If you are one of those silly people who always end up on breakup, having their heart broken for apparently no reason, then there certainly is a problem with you, often times we complaint, argue and fight with our partner without analyzing our own mistakes, that leads to a week dull and lifeless relationship. If you are going through this stage, then make a list of your own faults. Here are some of the most terrible mistakes that people do in a relationship that saps the whole spark out of relationship.

 A strong relationship is based on an ancient but true saying, “Take me as I am” In a relationship you need to accept the person as they are. It is utterly useless if you try to change them for the nature can never be changed. If you can not accept the person as they are, then ultimately you are not destined to be with them. Trying to change your partner will only create difficulties, anger and annoyance.

Often times we start taking each other for granted, Never ever do this if you want a strong healthy relationship, always make your relationship your top most priority, and make your partner feel that he is being loved and cared. Set aside everything else when your partner is with you. Express your happiness, love and appreciation whenever you meet make them feel that you are really happy to see them.

Another reason that can cause a relationship to break is the death of passion and romance. People usually believe that attraction and passion turn into commitment and friendship in practical life. Don’t do this if you want to keep your relationship frisky and full of life.  Indulge into playful flirtatious activities when your partner is around. Let the candle of romance burning till the end, Here are some really good ways to keep the romance and passion alive:

  • Hug and kiss your partner whenever they come home.
  • Don’t be too lazy to pay extra attention to your beauty and lifestyle
  • Give your partner a terrific massage (visit our home spa page for a perfect sensational massage)
  • Have a candle light dinner
  • Seduce their mind and whisper words of desire
  • Compliment your partner in front of other people.
  • Use the free time to snuggle and cuddle
  • Sleep like spoons
  • Give them romantic surprises

A quick way to kill the excitement in your relationship and be well on your way to breakup is by settling into a boring routine by doing the same things again and again. The best way to avoid monotony is trying and experimenting with new ideas. It all needs a little bit creativity and you will be again on the way to romantic relationship. For example, try to explore new places together, be playful and continue to be a challenge, always surprise your partner with some never-seen-before aspects of your personality but they should be pleasant one.

Being jealous is good for an exciting relationship, but the relationship becomes a burden when you show too much of this green eyed monster that is jealousy. Give your partner space and life outside the relationship and it will keep you both happy and tension free.

Learn to compromise and sacrifice if you want to build a strong and everlasting relationship, you can discuss it with your partner and find the middle ground, take the average between your differences and meet each other half way. But compromise is the first step towards a relaxed and happy relationship.

These are little things that you need to keep in mind to avoid your relationship from breakup, Stay happy, stay beautiful and relax keeping in mind these things and your partner will never go away from you.

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