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Relationship Management, A Must Know Ability

The importance of maintaining and replenishing relationship increases with the dynamic global landscape.

One of the prime aspects of personal and professional development in business and private domains is the emphasis on building relationships. All over the globe, the emphasis in training to maintain business relationships and further embellish the careers of young professionals by being effective managers of client relationships has taken twofold importance. Be it dating relationships, family relationships or financial relationships etc. It has now become essential that the learning and development of the youth is embossed with these principles of honing the human relationship science.

Scientists and researchers have proven that the maintenance of trust and building of a rapport has paid a key role in developing and further strengthening the successful relationship building procedure. In this light, it is extremely important for developing countries’ human resource management professionals to inculcate heavy training and development activities on maintaining professionally and personally viable work relationships.

In my exposure to the west through the various friends who are training, studying and working abroad, I have identified this relationship management oriented approach to the professional work ethic a key ingredient in the success of the developed world. So what does this entail to our readers: you?

I would advise by starting to address the basic personal relationships and treating it as a science. Work on how you interact with people assessing the relationship advice given to you by your elders and superiors at work and start applying it on a personal day-to-day level. This exercise should enhance our style of dealing with various trusting relationships and soon become a habit. In essence changing a few small steps here and there in our lifestyles, we can better equip ourselves to compete with the fierce corporate culture of the west.

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