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The Engagement First Step Towards Unbreakable Relationship

Engagements are the first step towards the unbreakable relation which we know by the name of marriage. Those we think that engagement day memories wont effect the martial life are completely wrong. The engagement phase continues till wedding date and that crucial moments are defining since your fiance is in collecting mode of some impressions about you on which he will rely the whole life. So be more careful in engagement period .since it’s more important then your first date. In our vary article we will discuss some dos and don’ts of life after engagement. So read out to leave a very good impression on your fiance.

When a girl gets engaged no matter it was because of love or arrange she just confuses that what to do with this newly born relationship. The engagement changes her life so much that a girl was alone yesterday and now she has found a partner. We have seen relationships which just broke because this confusions reaches to its hype’s be careful in handling your fiance, because your little mistakes can bring bad impressions to you in his mind. Avoid these when you are in engagement period.

Don’t be so much expressive-many girls are so much expressive that this trait sometimes reaches to self-centeredness. Don’t give your fiance a chance in a relationship to criticize that you don’t listen to him and only speaks yourself. You should be calm and humble since it’s the beginning steps to the relationship. Keep your expressions, thoughts and intentions hidden and be a receiver rather then a transmitter in an engagement relationship. Give more chance to your fiance to speak up his mind. This only benefits you since it shows that you love to him and its also a defining moment to understand a person in a serious relationship.

Accept each other as original-Please don’t pretend to be anything in a serious relationship of an engagement just be yourself. In the same way respect and accept you fiance as he is. Don’t criticize him on what he wears or what he likes or dislikes. In a relationship it is almost terrible note when you instruct your fiance to be like you .Accept his individuality and originality since you are no longer a dater but in a serious relationship of engagement which is going to be change in life long relationship of marriage.

Accept his sex appeal but have the right to reject-Most of the guys are so romantic that they may approach you for a physical relation even before marriage. It is expected that your fiancé is of same type. So what will you do if he demands the same from you?? It’s stressed out here that its only depends on you. If your brave enough to response his approach then its your choice but if you are not likely to accept his appeal you should also have right to say “NO”. Say this “NO” in such a way that your fiance should not feel rejected or insulted. It requires logic, respect and love. Do it sincerely but technically. Since you are here to strengthen your relationship of engagement rather then breaking it up.

Involve your family-In a engagement relationship family matters a lot. Especially if it’s arranged. Your and his family can absorb the shocks of your relationship if any. Your well wishers, your family members can act as a bridge between you and him if your on ending edge .The best way to save or promote a relationship in Asia is to communicate with your fiance through family channels. Yes this is difficult and demands some limitations also but it’s the most old and effective formula of maintaining strong ties with your fiance through family. We hope this formula may work in your case too.

At the end we wish you very happy engaged life .Weather your engaged a year before or yesterday these relationship tips can solve most of engagement life problems and hence leave a mature, loving and ever lasting impression of you on your fiance which will benefit in marriage relationship.

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