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Fashion Styles for Dresses

Read about the three top fashion styles for dresses this Fall from lace to velvet dresses.

Dresses, no matter what length, always look feminine and what I adore about the dresses trends this season are the girly patterns, the sparkly sequins and the materials being used for Fall fashion dresses. Dresses also get some colour revamping this season too as neon shades get a look in. Get out of the colour rut you’re stuck in with your fashion dresses and venture into shades you’ve been too scared to wear before. This is the time! Let’s take a look at some of the latest runway trends for designer dresses, from the fashion capitals of the world as well as some popular material choices for fashion dresses this Fall.


I’ve been harping on about lace for months now and I’m not going to stop either. Lace dresses can sometimes be scary because you don’t want it to look trashy. With lace dresses, don’t go too short with the length! So for lace fashion dresses, look to subtle retro underpinnings and boudoir type detailing mixed together. Short dresses and long dresses are seen with lace detailing so pick your style and wear it with confidence. Colours of lace to steer towards for your dresses should be black, red, pearl and nude.


These dresses are slightly suspect because of the velvet all over and the Goth element to it but velvet dresses don’t have to always look like home furnishings. Seen on catwalks from designer Diane Von Furstenberg who mixed and matched velvet with an underlay of sequins sparkle to create dreamy silver dresses! Velvet dresses can be sexy- just stick to dark colours and nude colours, like black, purple, deep red and dark blue as well as silver, cream and light beige. Team your dresses with some nude shoes and stick to shorter dresses with velvet as you’ll only ending up looking like your wearing your grandmothers curtains in long dresses & Prepare to be stroked!!


If you thought floral dresses were just around for the summer, then like myself, you were wrong! Floral chiffon dresses were very evident on the runways of Dolce and Gabbana this fall just to name one designer. Floral dresses always look elegant and pretty for dinners, dates or even weddings (not your own). Use my fashion tips and keep your hairstyle messy so you don’t look like a little girl in your floral outfit.

Whatever dresses and styles you choose, wear them all with confidence.

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