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Long Lasting Relationship

In our average span of life, we face a number of relationships; and the acknowledgment to stay within different kinds of relationships status, make us experienced.
On the basis of this experience, which we learn from many kinds of relationships status, we manage our attitudes & life style. No doubt, good experiences make our behavior good and vice versa. But there are some essentials to have long-lasting and strong relationship, everybody should learn. Many of these essentials can work in any sort of relationship, but here we are going to discuss only couple’s relationship status.
The husband-wife relationship is considered as the most important relationship status, as we chose it by our own choice. Making blood relations is not in our own hands but selecting a life-partner is exactly up to us. However, selection is not too difficult yet it’s interesting; but the main responsibility starts after choosing your Mr. right & Miss perfect. So, here comes some of the ‘Must things’, every couple should adopt, in order to have an enduring relationship.
Be Sincere; honesty is always a best policy, so try to be as loyal with your partner as you can. Never ever try to cheat him/her in any way. Although it takes time to trust somebody but do not forget that trust is the basic element; and it should be placed on the base of the relation, so that it can build strongly.
Do not try to change; accept your mate as he/she is. Nobody is perfect here, so it’s not necessary that your partner will be exactly according to your requirements & demands. Consider your partner’s demands as well and try to mold yourself according to him/her rather to change them. One can be so lazy, one can be so quick, one can be much expressive and one cannot be, etc, but the Core thing is understanding. So if you are having an understanding life partner, it’s sufficient. Accept the differences, with the open heart. Consider the differences as just differences not the problems.
Give time; in today’s hectic era, time is becoming the most precious thing. If you’ll give proper time to your partner, he/she will realize his/her importance, and what one need else. Listen to your partner attentively, when he/she is talking to you or need your attention. There are number of ways to spend time together. Visiting some outdoor place, like parks, cinemas, restaurants, etc give you the time to understand each other. You can also make your home sweet home as similar mentioned places.
Give your partner space; it is as necessary as spending time together. Of course you love him/her but it doesn’t mean that you should be dependent on your partner too much. Don’t pamper your relationship; but emotionally, dependency is the only ‘full time allow’ aspect. At times, people need time to refresh their mind and to strengthen the relation. Give them time for themselves as well. It’s good for you too, as staying away for some time can enhance your need.
Admit your fault; saying sorry and admitting your faults no doubt, makes you to go one step ahead. Be brave yet humble, admit your mistake with open heart and secure your relation. Forget the past, if it’s disturbing your present relation, restart it.
Make you statements wisely; the stage of argument only comes, when there is a communication gap. Argumentation is not the solution of the problems. If it’s necessary, then you can do it but while having that make your arguments wisely. So that neither they will affect later on nor they will hurt your partner.
Communication; talk about almost each and every aspect of your relationship. In this way, you can come to know your partner deeply. Likes, dislikes, requirements, needs, how she/he will react if the certain situation happen etc, there are thousands of things you can talk about, if nothing currently important. Whether you are facing minor misunderstandings or big complaints, talk about them politely and make them clear. ‘Communication gap’ can be the biggest hurdle in the development of the relation.
Compliment; give regard & complement to one another on the deserving aspects; through words, gestures, care, etc. Giving compliments can have many shapes & styles, like if you take care of your partner a lot, he/she will feel privileged. Besides just showing care and accomplishments, you have to tell as well. Do not forget that words means a lot, a lot. Emotions and feelings need the platform of ‘Words’ to express, at times. So tell your partner that how important he/she is, and how much you need?
Affection; this is considered as a key point to have a strong mutual bond. Touch, kiss, hug, particularly at once, can make him/her to feel for you, desperately. Especially, when your partner least expecting it, reach out there and surprise him/her with your gentle affection. After such kind & sincere touch, a couple can forget every misunderstanding and can be one again. Playing with your mate’s hair, rubbing hand, a soft kiss on the neck, a soft pat on the arm or leg, giving a gentle back rub will surprisingly make a huge difference in your mate responds to you. This not means sexually, but affectionately.
Remember there is nothing important to you then your relation. So try the power of touch as well, along with all the essentials to have a strong & long-lasting relationship.

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