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Marriage Proposal Advice you will be thanking us for

Marriage proposal is big! Marriage proposal is big enough to be nervous about. One thing that can ease this nervousness is to know when you go down on your knees you are doing just the way she wants you to.

Here is how she wants you to do it:

Marriage Proposal Advice 1: Test the Waters

Prior to you propose, the two of you should talk about the possibility of getting married. Make sure it’s something that you both desire, and agree on most important issues such as children. You don’t want her to be taken completely off guard.

Marriage Proposal Advice 2: Surprise her

Even though you have talked about getting married, the marriage proposal itself should still be a surprise. Do it when and how she will be least suspecting.

Marriage Proposal Advice 3: Be Prepared

“Will you marry me?” is an enormous deal, and one that leaves many wholly tongue-tied. So practice! It might feel silly, but it helps.

Marriage Proposal Advice 4: Find the Right Engagement Ring

Since an engagement ring is a sign for a lifetime commitment, make sure it’s the one. Find an opportunity to get this very right. She might want to pick her own ring so be sure you know what your woman wants.

Marriage Proposal Advice 5: Talk to Her Parents

It is respectful hence don’t omit asking for the parents’ blessing.

Marriage Proposal Advice 7: Pick a Personal Spot

Choose a spot that is meaningful to both of you as a couple.

Marriage Proposal Advice 8: Be Creative

Make it as memorable as possible with touches of personal inclinations and taste.

Marriage Proposal Advice 9: Drop to One Knee

It is charming and romantic to have a man on one knee asking the love of his life to marry him. Every woman dreams of this moment.

You want to marry her and you know that but what you need to know is how to propose her; consider this marriage proposal advice to get it right.

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