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Marriage an Intimate and Unbond Relationship

Marriage is the most beautiful, intimate and bliss relationship among all relations. It’s a start of a new life. It serves as a union of two individuals, who come together, to form a couple and share the bond of love.

Man is a social animal. He can’t live without relations. Among all the relations, marriage is the most beautiful, intimate and personal relation. It’s a serious relationship when compared to romance and short time affairs. The marriage entails serious commitment and intimacy between the individuals who are going to start a new relationship and a new life with each other.
In order to have a happy and stable married life, it’s important to have a perfect transparent and intimate relationship with each other.

The initial years in a marriage are crucial and essential in building up a strong relationship. During these initial years, one needs to build trust and mutual understanding and try to give space to each other to help develop the confidence and faith. A successful married relationship needs adjustments and compromises from both of the partner and each of them has to learn to love and respect his/her spouse.

Here are some practical thoughts that will help you maximize your happy marriage experiences and also will help you to understand each other in a far better manner.

  • It starts with you: The happier you are with yourself and your life, the more attractive you are to your partner.
  • Enjoy the We feelings: It also doesn’t work when two people each do their own thing without regard to their partner’s wishes and feelings. Marriage is, and should be, more than cohabitation. As the marriage vows state, “two shall be as one”. That “one” is neither you nor him. The “one” is a third entity: the relationship, the marriage, the “we”. The “we” is what you share, what you have in common, the nurturing that cannot be provided on your own. Think companionship, intimacy, and sharing.
  • Leave behind your emotional baggage: Are you really over your previous relationship? If not, you can’t fully commit to your spouse. Likewise, if you are still thinking about your past relations you are not in control of your own life. Therefore, you cannot fully enter into an adult relationship of mutual sharing and support. Make a new start and never think of the past. Enjoy the new relationship.
  • Your marriage comes first: Marriage is the strongest bond between two people. Parents are here and one day they are gone. Children grow into adults and leave to start their own lives. Your spouse is only person who is meant to stay with you the rest of your time on this planet. Give importance to him/her more than others.
  • Your marriage is your top priority: Getting married means to share your life, your hopes, your dreams-not your bills-with someone special. During life’s ups and especially during life’s downs, keep in mind why you married in the first place. Not jobs, nor cars, nor your favorite sports team. At one time, your partner was the most important thing in this world to you. Act like it today and every day.
  • Don’t compare: This holds true in your life as well as in your marriage. There will always be a couple that seems happier, wealthier, sexier, and more perfect than you two are. So what? Their happiness doesn’t increase or diminish your happiness. Neither does their money, their jobs, their home, or their glamour. All that matters is whether you and your spouse have created a relationship that works for you.
  • Learn to deal with the problems: It’s as simple as making the decision to be totally committed to your spouse and to the relationship. No matter what happens financially or health wise, or otherwise. No matter what. Once the two of you have decided to stay “no matter what”, there is no question of stay or go, yes or no. Now the emphasis is on problem solving. Write this down: all couples have problems. Happy couples learn to deal with their problems.
  • Adopt each other’s behavior: Marriage couple must have high tolerance, respect and accept each other regardless what situation. The most successful couples are those who are able to adapt to each other’s behavior from the very beginning of their marriage.
  • Appreciate each other: Instead of focusing on each other’s shortcoming, a couple must learn to see the good point of their partner and learn to appreciate them more. Make deposit on the emotional account by loving your partner unconditionally in your marriage.
  • Avoid argument at all cost: Avoid argument at all cost throughout your marriage but if you cannot avoid one, learn to diffuse any argument by using the soft approach and avoid using harsh remark. Learn to repair an argument before it gets out of control. If you need to voice up your disagreement, discuss it with your partner peacefully.
  • Nurture safe friendship: This is the most important aspect. No marriage can give you every thing. A husband is going to have interests that his wife will never care about fishing, hunting or golfing. So he’s less likely to staray if he find some good guy buddies with whom to fish, hunt and golf.

Marriage is all about sharing, caring, loving and respect. One should understand that no two people are same and both the partners need to make adjustments in order to lead a stable, happy and contended life.

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