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From Dating to Serious Relationship

It is very easy to develop a serious bonding with someone you are dating casually. How do you gauge the change and when to switch from dating to a relationship?

Follow the signs:

This is a very confused area, where you have to keep your eyes open, Follow these signs before you become involved in a relationship.

  • Spending a holiday with his/her parents: Since you don’t have anything to do this Christmas or Eid, men would prefer to take their, someone special to his parents place. Did you casually, accept an invitation to go out of town and visit the parents? Open your eyes…if you are looking for signs then you might be in a serious relationship, one which you come across in movies also. The sign are clear if you meet the parents, you are being put on display as a prospective husband or wife. If that is what you want, go for it. If you just want to date, stay at home and don’t be tempted by the magic words: ‘ever after.’
  • Date exclusively: When a man or a woman tend, to date more than twice, the signs of serious relationships begins. It doesn’t mean that they are exhausted from going out with others. Congratulations, as you have been picked out of so many and ready to move from casual dating to serious relationship. This relationship casually begins by saying, “Are you seeing other people?” ‘If you are not busy, can I call you sometime?” You will probably say “No” whether it’s true or not. This might come late but still you have to be on your guard.
    For some reason, exclusive dating is often misunderstood as completely a different thing. Men and women have different perceptions on this issue. Men think of it as a less complicated way of dating whereas women tend to think of it as the dawning of a serious relationship.
  • Comfort zone: Another sign of moving into serious relationship is when you live in your own comfort zone, you are happy and doing various things for uplifting your mood with your ‘friend.’ You order a pizza and settle in for a night watching TV. My friend, you are in a relationship. Relaxing together can be a great tool with which to forge a strong connection.
  • Fight back: Another strong sign of serious relationship for men is the ability to have a fight back with your partner and not feel like it is the end of the line. The sign suggest your ability to express yourself without fear. Being able to express yourself freely is a sign that you have reached a level of understanding with the other person in the sense that you do not have to put on a facade about who you are and how you feel. Whether you want to be in a relationship or not is up to you, just remember to communicate well and be able to see the signs along the way.

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