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The 52-year-old who was her own daughter’s surrogate says she experienced postpartum depression after giving birth to her granddaughter

  • Breanna Lockwood and her mother Julie Loving are opening up about surrogacy postpartum depression.
  • Loving, 51, gave birth to her granddaughter after volunteering to be Lockwood’s surrogate.

Last year after volunteering to be her daughter’s proxy. Julie Loving, 52, gave birth to her granddaughter, and she made headlines around the world. At that event, every people were amazed who welcomed her daughter home after years of fertility struggles at the strength of medicine, touched by the strength of a mother’s love, and overjoyed for Breanna Lockwood.

Even the lows, but Lockwood believes in sharing everything when it comes to their experience. That’s why she recently penned about surrogacy postpartum depression in a candid Instagram post. They thought that it is such a basic topic to talk about, they, spoke to Insider about their experience after baby Briar’s birth, how they got through the postpartum depression together.

On November 2 Loving gave birth to her granddaughter Briar. “Everything was one day closer, one step closer to baby getting here,” Lockwood said. “Mom was feeling pretty great all through the pregnancy, so we got to enjoy everything thoroughly.”

“It felt like the night before Christmas every day,” she added. “We were waiting for the big moment.” There is no such difference in Loving’s third pregnancy from when she carried her children more than 20 years earlier. “It was similar, it was a pretty easy pregnancy,” Loving told Insider. “I was just a little fatigued and had some nausea in the first trimester, but I also had that with my kids.”

Loving went to the hospital for a cataloged initiation on the delivery day. So, on this doctor decided that she needed a C-section for this delivery. Although this is also true that loving had never a C-section before, but she is satisfied with her doctors. “My mom was progressing well, she was dilating pretty quickly,” Lockwood told.

“And then after they broke her water, she started to progress even quicker. At one point, each contraction was putting stress on Briar’s umbilical cord, which was making her heart rate drop suddenly.” “We were all getting nervous when we were watching those numbers go up and down,” Lockwood continued. “The doctors were starting to get a little uncomfortable with it and decided to take her in for a C-section.” “I just wanted Briar to be OK and safe,” she said.

“I was like, ‘Go, let’s do this.'”. However C-section delivery was a success. “I never experienced it with my pregnancies years ago,” Loving said. “I just started to feel feelings of anxiety or fears that I hadn’t ever felt previously. Nothing related to the baby. Mostly just my recovery maybe.”

“I can’t explain exactly what brought on the anxiety,” she added. “I also experienced a lot of nausea, and I think that also gave me more fear that I would get sick and be in a lot of pain from my incision.” At Fertility Centers of Illinois, a fertility specialist Lockwood began seeing Dr. Brian Kaplan for consultation.

But with all this, she would ultimately go through 476 IVF injections, seven surgical procedures, two miscarriages, and one ectopic pregnancy. In December 2018, Lockwood had her second miscarriage, Loving sent her daughter a text: “I want to be your surrogate.”

“To give up her whole life and hit pause on all of her favorite things to do this for us, it was such a selfless thing,” Lockwood stated. “It showed me, I want to become the same kind of mom that she is to me.”

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