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New treats for Paris Hilton’s pets

New treats for Paris Hilton’s pets

Paris Hilton has bought her pet hamster a luxury ‘rodent mansion’ The socialite has splashed on the pristine plastic abode for her beloved pet but it seems her cat, Princess Annabelle likes it too.

Paris who got number of different animals, including a miniature pig called Princess Pigelette, a dog named mugsy, a cat, wrote in a series of posts on her Twitter page:

“My love is putting together this hamster cage for me, so sweet”

“He loves his new rodent mansion ;) haha but Princess Annabelle loves it too”

But hamster is not the only one for the animal loving heiress went on shopping on Sunday to buy all her pets a bunch of treat, toys and cute Halloween costumes.

“Just went to Petco and bought all my pets a bunch of treats, toys and the cutest Halloween costumes. Then stopped at Best Buy for dvd’s. :), she tweeted.

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