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5 Smooth Steps to Beach Proofing Your Body

5 Smooth Steps to Beach Proofing Your Body

See my skin care advice for when you’re taking a holiday in the sun.

  1. On your holidays your skin and body is on show for everyone to see so make sure it looks amazing! Buffing is a great skin treatment to polish your skin and boost circulation by removing dead skin cells. I fell in love with Origins Never A Dull Moment many years ago and its brilliant at smoothing your skin. Radox Shower Smoothies skin care products contain real cranberry seeds and loofah pieces to do the job perfectly, your skin will be left glowing and prepped up for some tanning.
  2. The sun, sea and sand can leave your skin feeling dry and overly sensitive. So lather up your body with a creamy skin care wash and always moisturize post shower with nourishing body butter to keep it in tip top condition. Body Shop Shea Butter works great for sensitive and dry skin.
  3. Self tan is a great confidence booster for that first day at the beach. You don’t want pasty skin on your holiday so apply the self tan for an all over glow. Remember to apply sun screen with a solid SPF factor as well so your skin can stay protected while bronzing yourself.
  4. Bikini’s mean flattening up that wobbly tummy and the only way to do that is to eat the right diet of food and drinks as well as toning up in that area prior to jetting off. Plan ahead and drink lots of water and cook your own food so you know exactly what is going into it. Go vegan with your diet

    and watch the pounds drop off your body as your stomach also flattens. Stick to it to see results.

  5. For the finishing touches, treat yourself to some skin care beauty treatments like a facial, manicure and pedicure. If you have time don’t forget about you hair and apply some hot oil masks to nourish yourhair. Don’t forget to book a waxing appointment. If you can wax yourself then clever you! Get to it.
  6. You’re all ready to soak up the sun and enjoy your holiday now without worrying about how your skin and body will look. You look great!

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