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This is how Kim Kardashian explained her divorce with Kanye to 7 year old daughter North West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have made headlines for their divorce after the former reality TV star publicly announced the news. Fans of the duo were devastated to hear about the couple’s separation and many were left wondering what would come next for the Kardashians.

Amid the on-going divorce news, netizens were trying to decipher how little North West would deal with the situation. According to a recent source, Kim and Kanye’s daughter will be just fine.

According to a report by HollywoodLife, Kim has already informed her 7-year-old about her divorce with Kanye, shortly after filing the paperwork for the same.

The source revealed the girl understands ‘as much as she can’ and that she is fully aware of what’s going on. Further disclosing how the pair had been living separate lives over the course of last year, the source added, “Kim and Kanye been living like this for so long.

The last year has been exactly like this where they’ve been living separate lives both physically and emotionally, so whether there has been paperwork or not, they have not been living in a conventional marital situation.”

Revealing details about how the duo’s decision to separate won’t affect the kids at all, the source shared with the involvement of lawyers, the situation would be easier. “This won’t be a change for the children at all,” the source continued.

“It conceivably could be a little easier because now the lawyers can handle anything. Their relationship has been very strained anyway, but they want to try to do their very best of co-parenting.”

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