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Kate Middleton secretly meets up with Queen Elizabeth to save Harry: Rumor

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth, allegedly, had a secret meeting to try and save Prince Harry.

According to New Idea, the queen was the one that urged Kate Middleton to stage an intervention and save her brother-in-law.

Kate Middleton ready to fire back at Harry and Meghan

Royal commentator Angela Levin was also quoted by the tabloid after she said that Middleton is struggling to stay quiet following Prince Harry’s snide comment.

“Kate has made an art form out of following the queen’s example of ‘never complain, never explain.’ But after Harry and Meghan’s appalling behavior, she is now struggling to stay quiet,” she said.

Levin also said that it was very impolite for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to not inform the queen beforehand about their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Prince Harry accused of disrespecting Queen Elizabeth

Last month, Prince Harry was also accused of disrespecting the queen when he said that service is universal.

Another source for the tabloid claimed that this disrespect particularly devastated Middleton and Prince William. And this disappointment is, reportedly, the final straw for the Duchess of Cambridge.

“Kate’s got a front-row view of how they’re affecting both Prince William and the queen. She has grown very close to the queen in recent years. And Harry and Meghan are both really hurting over this. She knows deep down that it’s time to abandon her keep calm and carry on strategy and finally wade into this mess with the Sussexes, for the sake of her husband, who is absolutely stunned and devastated to lose his brother like this,” Levin said.

Kate Middleton is the only person that can help Prince Harry

And since Middleton is one of the few people that can get through Prince Harry, the queen decided to tap on her for help.

“Kate feels she has no choice but to sit Harry down and talk to him, face to face, about this nightmare situation. And warn him in no uncertain terms that he needs to grow up, come back to the palace and apologize before it’s too late.

There’s talk Harry may return to see Prince Philip. But if not, Kate is more than prepared to fly to California and sort this out herself,” the source said.

However, there is no proof that Kate Middleton has plans to intervene between Prince Harry and the queen.

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