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Prince Harry’s return to the UK in doubt as the birth of baby girl nears


Meghan Markle is due to give birth to their second child anytime soon.

Prince Harry might miss out on the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana in London in July if he chooses to stay with Meghan Markle during or after the birth of their baby girl.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced in March that they are expecting their daughter in the summertime. They did not reveal an exact month or date, but royal experts believe that the baby is due anytime in the coming weeks.

This means the 36-year old royal may not be able to travel to the U.K. and join his brother Prince William in the unveiling of their mother’s statue at Kensington Palace.

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Russell Myers, Royal Editor for the Mirror, said during Tuesday’s episode of ITV’s “Lorraine” that the duchess is expected to give birth in the “next couple of weeks.”

“The things I’m being told is they still really want to be there, both of them. Certainly, William and Kate will be there. But whether Harry can fly over there because the baby is imminently due this summer… it will certainly be in the next couple of weeks,” Myers told stand-in host Cat Deeley.

Royal watchers are anticipating that the unveiling can help repair Prince Harry’s “deteriorating” relationship with his brother. But the timing of the baby’s arrival raises doubts on whether the duke will even be there.

“It’s been talked about for so many months now, this deteriorating relationship. And the issue is that Harry is expecting a second child – a baby girl on the way – and whether they will attend together or whether they will make separate speeches,” Myers added.

The unveiling on July 1 will mark Princess Diana’s 60th birthday. It is said to be “long in the making” and is “a big deal” for Princes Harry and William.

The Royal Editor said they “have been working on this statue for quite a long time.” He recalled it was 2017 when they made the initial plans together.

Myers casting doubt on Prince Harry’s return to the U.K. for the statue unveiling comes after the duke admitted in his interview for “The Me You Can’t See” that London always triggers his panic attacks.

He said it happened again during Prince Philip’s funeral. But he tapped on therapy techniques he learned to at least calm himself down.

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