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A Royal Reconciliation With Prince Harry Is “Almost Impossible,” According to One Royal Expert

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I’m a big believer in bringing people together for peace, but one royal expert isn’t so sure about Prince Harry.

As almost everyone is aware by this point, the Duke of Sussex hasn’t had the smoothest relationship with the Royal Family lately—especially with the release of his shocking memoir Spare, which in many ways targeted King Charles, Prince William, and Princess Kate.

Harry stated during the book’s promotion that he wanted to have a connection with his family but that he had done everything and the decision was now “in their court.”

Richard Fitzwilliams may have to wait a while if that is the only way Harry will allow a reunion at this point.

“The Sussexes want the royals to admit their responsibility in some way. They feel they were driven out because the royals were allegedly involved in press collusion “Telling OK! was Fitzwilliams.

There isn’t really anything the royals could say because Harry also wants an apology, and they won’t receive one.

According to the commentator, “With the flurry of interviews that followed the release of Spare and the docuseries [Harry & Meghan on Netflix], any relationships with Harry are going to be next to impossible. Simply put, you couldn’t say anything to him without worrying that it would be repeated somewhere.”

There have been conflicting statements from the King’s side despite the U.K.-based royals’ relative silence over Harry’s situation: He appeared to insult the Sussex family by evicting them from Frogmore Cottage, and then he reached out to them by asking them to the coronation. What’s the meaning of it all?

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