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A Source Claimed Melania Was “A Long Term Opiate User,” And Addiction Runs Throughout Trump Administration

It was pretty common for the former first lady of the United States to focus on her own initiative during her time in the White House. Hell, Michelle Obama had four of them herself — including addressing childhood obesity, veterans and their families, higher education for high school students, and girls’ education around the world.

Laura Bush, who came before her, led her husband’s Helping America’s Youth initiative which taught community members how to address the needs of at-risk youth.

While Melania Trump, the then-first lady of the US, certainly never had anywhere near the level of projects as her predecessor did, she did attempt to make a name for herself in her husband’s administration that wasn’t directly connected to her questionable immigration status — and she did so in the form of her “Be Best” campaign.

Melania’s initiative was supposed to focus on the issues of cyberbullying and opioid use.

Now we all know damn good and well, when it comes to online bullying, Mel really needed to sit her petulant husband down and have a stern chat with him before she went worrying about what the rest of the world is doing. He’s well-known for taking cyberbullying to a whole new level — even going so far as to browbeat a 16-year-old kid all over Twitter.

But as it turned out, Donnie’s social media habits weren’t the only hypocritical aspect of Melania’s desperate initiative.

According to an insider familiar with the Trump family, Mel herself doesn’t have a whole lot of room to talk when it comes to the opioid use section of her campaign.

Former reality TV show talent handler–turned stand up comic, Noel Casler, who used to work with Donald on “The Apprentice” broke his NDA to reveal to the public that Mel has herself a pesky little addiction to Roxicodone, a brand-name version of what many refer to as “hillbilly heroin.”

However, it doesn’t seem that Casler’s revelation about the then-first lady did anything to staunch her sanctimonious behavior.

And evidently, Casler had enough of it, as his Twitter feed quickly became chock full of Mel’s dirty laundry:

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