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Meghan Markle ‘won’t silence me’ says the royal author of the new book

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle (image credit: getty images)

Biographer Tom Bower spent a year collecting exclusive interviews with Meghan’s friends and enemies before writing his tell-all biography which is set for release next week.

The author of a brand-new, “explosive,” book on Prince Harry and Meghan advised them, “Don’t expect to silence me.”

According to royal experts, Tom Bower, an investigative journalist, and author is “pulling no punches” in his brand-new book, “Revenge,” which claims to spill all the Sussexes’ secrets.

Prior to his release on Thursday, Bower spent a full year gathering proof and performing exclusive interviews with Meghan Markle‘s friends and enemies(July 21).

However, the author allegedly told Meghan that he wouldn’t be quiet on the most controversial parts, leading the couple to claim that they are “dreading” its release, according to express news.

The Queen allegedly told her advisers, “Thank goodness Meghan’s not coming” to Prince Philip’s funeral, according to some of the claims.

Speaking to GB News, royal commentator Sarah Robertson said: “I mean, this book, there are so many more bombshells in it. But yeah, it’s going to send total shockwaves through the Royal Family – and also through the Sussex camp who have been dreading it.

“I mean Bower said: ‘don’t expect to silence me’ to Meghan Markle. He issued that warning. And has he landed a knock-out blow on her, he really has with this.

“This book is explosive. It is the book that I have been waiting for with bated breath. And I can’t wait to put my hand on the actual whole copy.”

The biography also describes how the couple’s wishes for a major part during the Platinum Jubilee weekend were denied, leaving them “festering with fury.”

However, Ms. Robertson also brought up the debate around the couple’s decision to name their baby Lillibeth—a special name for the Queen—as well as Meghan’s Vanity Fair interview, in which she made “fictitious” boasts about her philanthropic accomplishments.

She said: “So, some of the extracts that we’ve got coming through have the most explosive claims made by Tom Bower,” said Ms. Robertson. “We’ve heard how Megan and Harry had blindsided the Queen by choosing the name Lilibeth for their daughter who was born last year.

“There are claims they had asked permission from the Queen but they had not bowed a say in that they’d registered Lilibeth’s name, had their lawyers register her name with the website two days before the child was born.

“And Harry phoned the Queen after her birthday and told her – not ask – told her their daughter was going to be called Lilibeth, blindsiding the Queen

“I mean that was such a private personal name given to the Queen by her grandfather George V who, I think, would be spinning in his grave at the tautness of the spectacle of which Harry and Meghan have reduced the royal family too.”

“Other things that have come are Meghan’s friendships, so-called friendships with celebrities like Serena Williams,” Ms. Robertson added. Serena Williams stated that she was only an acquaintance of Meghan when talking to Vanity Fair for a feature on her prior to her engagement to Prince Harry.

“Meghan’s claims of philanthropy and global activism, which she wants to pride herself on, when Vanity Fair apparently fact-checked that the interview that they’d done with her, and she had claimed – I don’t know if you can remember – she’s spoken widely about this before.

“That was she got Procter and Gamble in the United States to change the advertising slogan and so it wasn’t sexist towards women. And now Hillary Clinton had written a letter back to her and you know, Procter and Gamble. This was fictitious.

“When Vanity Fair fact-checked this with Procter and Gamble and with advertising historians, it wasn’t true. Hillary Clinton never wrote a letter back. And it turns out it was a story that was concocted by Thomas Markle, an adoring father to his daughter.”

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