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Prince Harry feels ‘stuck’ in America with Meghan Markle: biographer claims and wants them to return home

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle bashed over ‘unwinnable battle’

Prince Harry wants to return to the UK but feels “stuck” in the US with Meghan Markle, his writer has said. We previously reported that the Duke of Sussex is requesting an apology from his father, King and brother, Prince William, before attending the Coronation in May.

Meghan is unlikely to travel to London due to rumors that she does not feel ‘wanted’ by the Palace. But, Angela Levin thinks the monarch’s younger son “doesn’t like it” in America and would prefer return home.

After the release of his book Spare, which revealed intimate details of chats with other family members, the couple’s ratings in the United States have fallen. And this might be on the Duke’s mind.

“Meghan obviously doesn’t want to come,” Levin told GB News. I’m hoping she doesn’t. “He still has the residue of love for his father, which he won’t really admit – but he won’t let go. I mean, if I didn’t like my family, they wouldn’t see me, but he is torn.

source: instyle

“He obviously doesn’t like it in America, he’d like to be back here but he can’t be because he’s stuck with his wife and children there. I think it’s very difficult for him to make a decision.”

Levin reportedly stated that Prince William is “absolutely furious and livid” with Harry for his actions in releasing Spare and participating in a three-part Netflix documentary with his wife last year. And on the chance of an apology from the Palace, she added: “If anybody should apologies, Harry should.

“Apparently, he is even more annoyed because Lady Hussey was upset and there was an apology to her, so he feels that because she had one, he should have one. But that’s nonsense because one thing has got nothing to do with the other.

“I think he wants to humiliate his family because he feels that he’s not been in charge and he’s now become a sort of bully over the last few years. He said he wants to fix how the Royal family works, it’s delusional.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to America in 2020 as part of their retirement from royal duties. They have subsequently lived in the upscale coastal town of Montecito, California.

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