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Prince Harry Concerned About the UK’s Negative Reaction to His Attendance at King Charles III’s Coronation

Prince Harry
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There are several factors for Prince Harry to consider when it comes to King Charles III’s coronation. It appears that his father would prefer him to attend, but the family feud continues, and many royal watchers have genuine emotions about the Duke of Sussex’s book, Spare.

The May 6 event is quickly approaching, and he and Meghan Markle must make a decision soon. According to The Telegraph, Harry has a “million different variables” to consider on what is “pretty much the most important day” in King Charles’ life. The Duke of Sussex is “in a predicament,” though. If he does not go, he will be chastised for missing his father’s special day. If he goes, he fears being accused of overshadowing Charles’ coronation, which he cannot win in any case.

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“Harry is reportedly considering how the British public will react to him and Meghan attending the Coronation, as well as whether their decision to skip it might be perceived as a snub,” an insider explained. It’s almost as though the royal family’s strategic decision to overlook his memoir’s revelations has led to this point. If they had simply met as Harry had requested, the choice to attend the coronation would have been simple.

For the time being, Harry and Meghan are uncertain about their attendance, but Charles may be able to find a meaningful method to convey his wish for his youngest son to attend. In a rift that has been simmering for years, a simple gesture might go a long way.

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