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Eye Makeup for Deep Set Eyes

Eyes Makeup

Deep Set EyesFor doing perfect eye makeup it is important to understand the different eye shapes and their particular requisites according to the shapes. Some eye shapes don’t allow you to put eyeliner inside, some give you broader spectrum to do anything novel but the necessary is to have adequate knowledge about the eye shape.

Deep seated eyes are bit difficult to handle in perfect eye makeup. Problems comes along with deep seated eyes are;

  • Dark circles
  • Hallow space around eye inner corner
  • Disturbed color tone

Dark circle are due to dehydration so the eyes along with dark circles are bit seems lifeless as the dehydration kills the natural shine in your eyes. It is also little tricky to handle the hallow space with makeup. Disturbed color tone is easily handled with right kind of makeup products. Following are some makeup tips for deep seated eyes; they will definitely aid you in your makeup habits.

Deep seated eyes makeup tips:

1. Moisturizing

Wash your eyes before taking the makeup session properly. Apply a subtle layer of moisturizer or moisturizer base makeup base on your eyes.

2. Eye shadows

On deep seated eyes apply an iridescent soft stroke of eye shadow on your upper eyelid starting from the inner corner towards the outer corner of your eye. This will definitely give you a soft, dreamy look. You can use many eye shadow combinations; those that come in mate and shimmer are great for deep set eyes. It is important to highlight your deep seated eyes as much as possible with a bright color such as pale peach, beige or pink. Start with pale pink from the base of the eyelashes and apply the color all over to the brow bone.

3. Medium light base

As a second step apply medium light base on the eyelid from the middle of the pupil with outward strokes. After that bring it upwards and sweep the color along the brow bone with soft brush. It is important to follow the natural line of your eye shape.

4. Dark is awesome

Apply the darkest eye shade color on the outer corner of the upper eyelid base line, following the lash line in necessary to create a perfect shadow. This dark touch will give your eyes more prominence. Blend the color into the eye crease and underneath the lower lash line. Keep in mind the shadow color should be applied no further than the colored part of your eye.

5. Eye liner technique

It is somehow technical to apply eye liner on deep set eyes, no need to apply full semi circle should apply a thin line of eyeliner from the middle part of the lids to the outer corner of your eye. Must extend and thicken the dark line towards the outer corner and smudge it a little or soften it with a similar toned eye shade to give it natural look. Try to keep the eye liner line as close to the base of the lash line as possible. Eyeliner is a great tool to help you to open up and emphasize your deep set eyes.

6. Refrain from

Applying eyeliner on the inner edge of the lower eyelashes because your eyes will appear smaller than they really are, due to such eye stroke. There you can apply white or silver eye liner to widen your eyes.

7. Eye lash curlers, for finished look use

An eyelash curler after this defines your lashes prominently with a thin mascara coat. This will give your deep seated eyes a complete professional look with little, but wise effort.

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