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People’s ‘minds are blown’ after learning what the tiny holes in our eyelids do

Have you ever noticed the tiny little holes in your lower eyelid and wondered what they’re for?

Well, it turns out that they don’t create tears like many people think they do.

A Reddit user took to the forum site to share what he knew about those odd little pits in our lash line.

Apparently, the holes are there to act like a sort of funnel which allows the tears which don’t fall down your cheek to be drained away.

Unshed tears drain down into your nose – which explains why we often get a little snotty when we’re having a good cry!

People on Reddit admitted that they were “today years old” when they found out about the nifty body part.

The holes, properly named the lacrimal puncta, take the liquid away from our eyes while the salty tears are actually made in glands above the eyes, reports LadBible.

The Reddit snap was captioned: “Today I learned that the reason we get a runny nose after crying is because the leftover fluid that wasn’t shed through tears gets drained into the nose through the ‘lacrimal point’ (that weird mysterious hole on your lower eyelid).”

An explaination video from Youtube was linked which said: “All our tears that have not had time to fall down our cheeks dramatically get there.

“There’s a nasolacrimal canal – through it the liquid is drained into the nose and then everything is clear.

“Yes, it’s thanks to the lacrimal points that it’s impossible to cry without all the snot.

“No beautiful movie crying.

“This is not what we asked for, evolution.”

People were shocked by the revelation.

One person commented: “Okay holy s*** I went to a mirror and there really is a hole there, on both sides.

“Were those there? The whole time?”

Another exclaimed: “Alright wake up now.

“Stop putting new holes in my eyes please. Damnit I dated a nurse for two years, this is impossible.”

A third added: “I did the same thing right after reading the title – walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see if I actually had holes in my eyelids.

“Mind blown.”

Another poster said: “In a way they are ducts for tears.

“But the tears are produced in the opposite side and above the eye, then they wash down and towards the middle and spread through blinking, and drain out of these little punctums.

“There’s actually one in the upper and lower eyelid. Then they form a canal that drains ultimately into the nasal passage.”

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