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No More Dark Circles with Home Remedies

No More Dark Circles with Home Remedies

No More Dark Circles with Home RemediesThe problem each one of us faces in this fast track life is lack of sleep due to over load of work. Technology keeps us busy and if we specifically talk about the computers, working on them for hours not only stresses up our minds but also stresses our eyes. The skin around the eyes is delicate and requires special care otherwise it gets dry and rough. Those tired eyes and the dried skin around and under the eyes is such a common complaint that the every culture and all the grandmothers have home remedies for the dark circles.

When you have ran out of eye creams and they have not been effective and efficient against the dark circles which have been screaming out of the mirror at you from a long time. This time you should try grandma’s home remedies. One of the most effective and well known home remedies is the sliced cucumber remedy. When a sliced cucumber or sliced potatoes is applied on the eyes it not just helps to lighten the skin, but also soothes and cools the eyes. This remedy is most effective when the eyes are stressed out due to long hours of work at the laptop or staying up late at night or if they are tired due to the allergies.

The cool effects of the cucumber or potatoes strengthen the capillaries under the eyes and also prevent future dark circles from forming when the skin is already cooled down.  Have you ever heard what magic caffeine can do to the eyes, but not the intake of caffeine, the application of caffeine bags, more specifically tea bags can perform wonders on dark circles. Caffeine home remedy helps diminish water in the tissues around the eyes and also diminishes puffiness.

Most of us consider tea to be bad for health but the reality is that tea leaves and specially prepared tea itself contains antioxidants that are beneficial for skin. The caffeine home remedy is simple and easy, when you are done drinking the tea take that used tea bag that is squeezed out and put it in the refrigerator to cool. When it has been cooled down leave the tea bag over your eye for 10 minutes only and you will notice the improvement in puffiness and the under-eye circles. Be careful not to get the tea in your eyes. The idea is to relax the eyes by cooling down the capillaries around the eyes.

The wonders these home remedies can do are not effectively done by cutting-edge products. When we use those products we wait for a miracle but nothing happens whereas these amazing grandma’s home remedies can really do the wonders.

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