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Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter

Health Benefit of Laughter

Humor and laughter are infectious and durable. The sound of roaring laughter is far more communicable than any marked gesture. Laughter binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy among them.Laughter also triggers healthy physical changes in your body.

Benefits of HumorResearchers found that Humor and laughter strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of every day stress. Laughter has power to renew your energies. With abundant power to heal and renew, the ability to laugh easily and frequently is a tremendous resource for surmounting problems, enhancing your relationship qualities, and supporting physical and emotional health respectively.

Health benefits of humor and laughter

  • Laughter relaxes the whole body, Good hearty laughs relieve physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 30 minutes after having a big laughing session. In order to keep the stress away, laugh for at least 30 min in a day.
  • Laughter can boost the immune system, As laughter decreases stress hormones and increases the efficiency of immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus it all improves your resistance to disease.
  • Laughter triggersendorphins; these are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain or reduce the chronic pain intensity.
  • Laughter protects the heart, Laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help protect you against a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.
  • Boosts your immunity, laughter has ability to increase your immunity. Researchers found that the laughter can reduce the stiffness between muscles and smoothes the blood transmission among the body parts that part in healthy functioning.
  • Lowers stress hormones, stress increases due to the excessive secretion of particular hormones in human body. When you laugh it balanced the hormone secretions.
  • Adds joy and zest to life, laughing habits can add joy and great deal of zest into your life, so laugh freely to bring joy into your life.Not only in your life, but in the life of your love ones.
  • Eases anxiety and fear, psychological researchers proved that anxiety can reduce through the chain of laugh in a time. When you laugh for few minutes it can triggers the endorphin that increases the well-being.
  • Strengthens relationships, laugh can be a tool to make your surrounding people light and happy. Laughing together in situation can increase the quality of life and strengthen the relationships.
  • Attracts others to us, there are thick layers of depression and anxiety in our society that surrounds the individuals. In such condition people are in search of soft and light interactions, they attracted mostly by those who have good sense of humor.
  • Decreases pain, healthycourseof laughter can reduce the intensity of pain.Humor and laughter has also the properties of any medicine to heal the illness. It will not only keep you healthy, but can bring the health as well. Laughter can act as medicine to reduce the pain.
  • Relaxes your muscles, laughing can reduce the stiffness in muscles by making them relax. Humor and laughtershould be the part of your life in order to maintain the wellbeing.
  • Improves mood, frequent periods of laugh can improve the mood stability. When you laugh your endocrine system triggers the pleasure hormone that work as mood stabilizer to improve your mood.

Keep humor and laughter in your life, it will worth your life definitely.In the end you can kill the frustration and health hazards of your life. It will also beneficial to adapt, and to increase the social efficacy of individuals. Humor can change your life into positive, so keep laughing.

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