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Wonderful Pastel Eyes Makeup Tutorials

The best colors for spring time are definitely pastel colors, so you should make these lovely shades part of your outfit combo, your nail polishes collection and also part of your makeup look. So, today, we would like to get you inspired with several Pastel Makeup Tutorials that you should definitely try to copy this spring.

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Pastel colors can be part both of your day as well as night out makeup looks. They work well with every skin tone and eye color, so you won’t find it difficult to wear it. Women usually think that if they apply lighter shades, they will look ill. So, if you share the same opinion then you should keep wearing this shades, but you should tend to apply an eyeliner and two coats of good mascara to accentuate the beauty of your eyes. And when choosing the right lipstick color to match with your pastel eye makeup, you should tend to wear some neutral color lip gloss or a lipstick that matches with your lips. 

Date Night Eye Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial


Step-by-Step Coral Makeup Tutorial

Coral Makeup Tutorial


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Peach Eye Makeup Idea

Eye Makeup Idea


Multi-Colored Pastel Makeup Idea

Pastel Makeup Idea


Pastel Rainbow Makeup Idea

Rainbow Makeup Idea


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Wonderful Pastel Makeup Tutorial

Pastel Makeup Tutorial


The most common pastel colors are robin’-egg blue, cotton candy pink, mint green, orange and lilac. You can choose to combine several shades of these colors, or maybe even to combine some of these colors, like violet and pink, or blue and green. Take a look at the following pastel makeup tutorials that we have chosen for you and choose which one you will copy this spring. 

Baby Blue and Brown Makeup Idea

Brown Makeup Idea


Easy Violet and Pink Makeup Tutorial

Pink Makeup Tutorial


Shades of Orange – Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial


Step-by-Step Pink and Violet Makeup Tutorial

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Violet Makeup Tutorial


Blue Pastel Makeup Idea

Pastel Makeup Idea

These were the Pastel Makeup Tutorials that we have chosen for you today, and we hope that you will try all of them this spring. Follow the steps precisely and do your makeup like a pro without having to spend extra money and time on visiting a professional makeup artist. Thank you for reading and stay up to date with our content to find other inspiring step-by-step makeup, hair and nail tutorials for every occasion.

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