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Hacks to Curl Your Eyelashes the Right Way

Every woman wishes to have long and thick lashes but not everyone is blessed with them. Thankfully, we have got eyelash curlers to groom our lashes. So, today in this article, we have shared some simple ways to curl your eyelashes.

Have a look!

1. Curl your eyelashes using petroleum jelly

This hack involves lubricating your lashes with a waxy substance. For this, you just need to coat your lashes with some petroleum jelly and curl it using an eyelash curler. Plus, it also helps in preventing your lashes from becoming brittle and provides protection to the base of your lid.

2. The spoon trick

This trick may seem a bit weird, but it is one of the easiest ways to curl your lashes. For this hack, you just need to grab a silver spoon. Now, bring up the spoon on your eyes by keeping the curve in an outward direction. Then, with the help of your thumb, gently press the base of your lash on the spoon’s edge. Make sure you go section by section.

3. Curl your eyelashes by warming the curler

This trick is a bit dangerous, but it is effective too. For this hack, you first need to heat up the eyelash curler using a hairdryer. And after that, you can use the warm curler to curl your lashes. But, make sure that you test the temperature on your arms and fingers before you apply it on your lashes.

4. Use waterproof mascara

Using mascara right after curling the lashes can undo all your curling efforts. But, that doesn’t mean that applying mascara before curling your lashes can help you. The best solution to get perfect lashes is by using waterproof mascara. The waterproof formulas are drier and help in holding the shape of your lashes for a longer period of time.

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