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Tornado Safety: How to Be Safe During a Tornado

Tornado Safety Tips

Tornado is a violent environmental storm which if dealt properly can be sidestepped. Natural disasters have a lot of forms, mostly every region and area has a special ecological ruin. Same goes for tornado and twister. There are some areas which are inclined to these storms, dodging these disasters is the most important measurement people should be prepared for.

How to Safe During TornadoIf you live in a place where tornado storms happen frequently then you should go through this article to get to know about the tips which can keep you safe from merciless damage caused by tornado.

The two important things every family should be prepared for are “emergency kit” and a “family communication plan”. Always stay updated regarding weather forecast. Listen to weather radio or newspaper section about weekly weather conditions. One should be alerted if sky turns dark, or it hails or storms approaching. Now if we talk about tornado safety precautionary measures then everything depends on where one is present because it changes the whole plan. You can go through tornado safety measures and pick a tornado safety plan according to your location:

  • Tornado safety measures, if you are home:

If you are home and tornado hits then quickly move to the basement, a cellar or a window less closet. In case there is no basement then go for a small store room or vault but there should not be any windows there. Staying in inner hallways and inner rooms such as closets, cupboards and bathrooms can also be safe. In whichever room you go, stay in the center. Also when it’s about to hit then everyone should take most important tornado safety measure which is hiding under heavy furniture like, tables or desk and hold on it. In case you have a mobile home then get out of it and find a stable shelter.

  • Tornado safety measures, if you are at work or school:

If tornado hits during your school hours then move towards hallways, avoid auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeteria and all classrooms which have windows. Try going to the lowest level possible. Also use benches or tables or desks and hide under them. Don’t panic but also delegate other fellows.

  • Tornado safety measure, if you are outdoor:

Quickly try to find a shelter in some building or covered area. Don’t get into cars or phone booths. If you can’t find any building or shelter then look for ditch or a low lying area. Stay away from weak shelters and lookout for flood water.

  • Tornado safety measures, If you are in a car:

Never try to our run tornado by racing or driving faster than it. Tornadoes have tendency to change directions and they grab big automobiles in a matter of seconds. One you get out of the car as soon as possible and look for a shelter in a building or a house preferably some basement. Also drive away in right angle from the tornado. Get out of your car and staying in a ditch or under a low bridge is a safe option.

If you are in a mobile home then urgently leave it and look for a concrete and safe shelter area. Don’t think that you can drive and out run this storm because its speed can fluctuate and vehicles are generally tossed into the air and reduced to a pile of battered junk. People should be aware and kids should also be taught to be very stable in unfortunate situations like these. In this time we have all the type of right knowledge and equipment to deal with such big storms and tornadoes and with right safety measures we can reduce death and injury rate.

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